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Lighting Production

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Concert Lighting


Our top concert lighting rig is comprised of professional full size LED Par fixtures, 20 moving heads, 6-8 source four leko specials, crowd blinders, 3 banks of ACLs and several other options that can be added and removed to meet the artists rider and your budget. We can fly off Genie tower, if there are no load baring pic points in the venue, or chain motors, if there are. Or we can design and assemble an epic ground package with numerous different truss structures on stage to create a unique and impact full final product. Our LDs know how to program an amazing show even on the fly, or a punt as we call it, and understand color theory and mood.

Dance Floor Lighting


Our dance floor lights are an affordable and hip addition to any wedding, charity gala or corporate party. No cheesy DJ lights here even for a high school dance. We bring the real deal moving effects that are synched to the beat and aligned to each other, combine them with interesting truss structures, haze and sometimes even a large mirror ball or LED panels to create a truly custom high end night club feel that will impress even the most pompous of players.

Decorative Event Lighting


This is a real passion of ours and we’ve come to realize we have a legitimate talent for this. Clients say things like, “Genius”. We have a huge inventory of battery powered, cordless, wirelessly controlled up-lights that we use to paint your room in a magical glow with no cables that we can deploy quickly. Then we add texture, shape and content using gobos inserted into numerous leko lighting fixtures. These include breakup patterns, theme images and shapes and even your company logo. We have ideas to contribute if you are open minded and are constantly trying to set a personal best with money as a secondary consideration.

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