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Professional Audio Equipment Breakdown: RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer

audience enjoying professional audio

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audience enjoying professional audio

Professional Audio Equipment Breakdown: RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer

audience enjoying professional audioNorth State Audio Visual carries one of the premium Subwoofers in the market. The 4-PRO8001 is a reliable subwoofer for heavy-duty sounds and strong bass rhythm. It is one of the premium speakers for concerts and other live events. It mixes an 800 W monolithic amplifier with an 18 inch subwoofer. Not only that, but it also adds to the system headroom as well. When you need a strong output for your bass, then go for this beauty of a loudspeaker. The professional audio will be sure to blow the audience away.



The 4-PRO8001 has an effective processor with varying capabilities for professional audio production. It has a 40Hz-Xover point crossover frequency, along with a fast limiter. Its high-pass output goes from 80 to 100 to 120Hz. The input area carries a Stereo c. Jack/XLR input connector, as well as 0 dBu input sensitivity.

It has a maximum SPL of 133 dB, with its frequency response at 40-Xover point. Its low frequencies are at H/6800 Watt. The amplifier also includes forced cooling, as well as a 4″ voice coil. It has a durable cabinet made out of Baltic Birch, coated with a durable black epoxy. The cabinet also has 2xM10 for kart hardware. The Subwoofer’s physical dimensions are as follows: a height of 700mm, width of 520mm, and a depth of 700mm. Altogether it weighs at around 54Kg. Its controls include a volume, phase, and high pass output device.


Wide Application:

Good subwoofers add the needed power to a presentation. Whether it is for concerts, corporate projects, or live parties, the RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer contains the proper specifications for any professional audio production. One of the most versatile speakers, it even works better with a second one for surrounding amperage. Our website’s Sound System #5 showcases 2 of the 4-PRO8001s surrounding the stage, as well as 15” Yamaha DXR15 main speakers, and 6 Yamaha DXR12 floor monitors. But that is only one of the many possibilities with this versatile speaker. 

See here for the full product description of Sound System #5.

See here for pricing information.

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Your One Stop Shop For Party Technology

audio visual companyPlanning an event is no easy task.  Between deciding the food, guests, entertainment, and decor, it can feel like you have no decision making power left when it’s all done.  On top of that, if you want to have any sort of lighting, video presentation, or even music, you need to contact completely different vendors…for all of them.  However, at Tolar AVL, we can provide you with all of the tech for your event.  Unlike competition, we don’t just specialize in audio-visual production or lighting, we specialize in all things tech. 

Event Lighting

Lighting can not only give a great look to your event, it can accomplish so much that you may be able to downsize your decor.  Whereas a table linen can only cover so much, the right lighting can span an entire room.  We don’t only do general event lighting, but stage lighting as well.  Many indoor stages are already outfitted with a lighting system, but our services are perfect for lighting at outdoor events like open-air plays and concerts, or your beautiful outdoor wedding.

Video Services

Tolar AVL can provide the visual equipment that you need for you event.  We have movie screens and projectors ranging in size up to 9‘x12’, perfect for your event indoors or out.  These are great for presentations, slideshows (that one might see at a graduation or birthday party), films, and more.  We even have Jumbotron rental available.

Audio Services

Any audio services that you could need to go along with our video services we’ve got.  We have the audio equipment to broadcast your movie or presentation as loud as you need.    Whether you’re planning a small private event or a community wide festival, we can set you up with the audio visual system that fits your needs.

On top of lighting and AV, Tolar AVL also has pipe and drape rental.  This essential part of AV is what allows for a “behind the scenes” at your event.  Pipe and drapes hide all of the ugly technological wiring that is crucial to the success of your event.  At Tolar AVL, we can be your one stop shop for party tech, so call today to let us know what you need!

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Using Tolar AVL For Your College Programming

sound production californiaCollege campuses offer a wide variety of activities for students and members of the surrounding community alike.  From concerts, to music festivals, to movie showings, and more, Tolar AVL can provide the sound, lighting, or video equipment for any type of college event you may be throwing.  If you’re a member of your school’s programming board, consider using Tolar AVL for your next event.

Music Festivals

Though many colleges have the proper equipment for running small, coffee shop-like concerts, few have the equipment on deck to run a full scale music festival.  A popular annual event for colleges large and small alike, a music festival draws in the community and provides a fun, safe space for people of all ages.  Putting on a great show that has interesting technical effects and runs smoothly is what will keep people coming back again and again.  Tolar AVL can provide you with the newest, most state-of-the-art audio equipment for your college’s music festival, and provide you with the lighting for a great show as well.

Outdoor Movies

If you have the good fortune of living in beautiful Northern California, you’re going to want to take advantage of that weather as much as possible.  Outdoor movies are a fun, easy way to bring the community together.  At Tolar AVL, we have screens that go up to 9×12 feet in size and projectors that run as bright as 10,000 lumens.  The expert video production along with the expert audio will facilitate a movie watching tradition that your fellow students would be sad to see go.  Most college campuses offer some sort of weekly/bi-weekly movie event, so why not add something different and make it outside?  For only a bit of extra money, you can put on a professional movie showing on your quad.

Field Day

A little less common on college campuses, Field Day is typically associated with elementary schools.  It’s a day in which classes are cancelled and kids get to just get out and play, competing in a series of easy to understand, fast-paced games.  These games include egg toss, water balloon fights, kickball, and anything else you can think of.  The hardest part of college programming is getting people to come to your events, as everyone is so busy with school, work, friends, and more, so having killer audio equipment to blast music and show people that something fun is going on can be a great tool in boosting attendance.

For all lighting, video, and audio production needs in Northern California, call Tolar AVL today!

Should You Rent Or Buy Audio-Visual Equipment?

audio-image-1We’ve talked about how renting audio-visual equipment can benefit you by saving you money, preventing transportation hassles and helping you avoid maintenance costs. If you still can’t decide whether you should rent or buy, there are a few other factors to consider. Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether you should rent or purchase audio visual production equipment.

  1. Am I new to the business?

If you’re just starting up, you’re probably managing a tight cash flow. Investing in expensive equipment before you have many clients can leave you with a deficit. Why not spend the money on marketing that can get you high-paying clients? Rent the gear on an as-needed basis until you have the steady stream of income that can support the purchase of your own gear.

  1. Am I sure what equipment I need?

Trying out a variety of equipment can help you decide what to get when it’s time to purchase inventory. Instead of buying a bunch of equipment that may or may not work for your projects, test out the products by renting them. You’ll get more experience with different items at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Do I work from home?

If you don’t have a studio, finding a place in which to store your equipment at home can be cumbersome. Renting the items that you need for a particular project can help you save space.

  1. Am I having trouble setting my rates?

When you’re coming up with a fee schedule, you might need to increase your rates to cover significant up-front business expenses like the purchase of equipment. On the contrary, you can work the lower rental fee into a specific job. It’s easier to work the rate into your accounting when you’re just renting what you need for the project instead of purchasing a large quantity of tools based on the expectation of future business.

The decision to rent audio visual or lighting production equipment doesn’t necessarily come down to money. There are several things to consider when you’re making a business decision like this one. Convenience, variety, learning opportunities and space are major factors that play into the decision.


How To Choose the Right Space For Your Event

image-1Whether you’re hosting a professional retreat or managing a corporate training in Sacramento, Chico, Redding or Roseville, the room that you choose will affect the flow and success of the event. When you’re selecting a space for your gathering, consider the size of the room, the layout and the options for incorporating audio visual production equipment.


Size Of The Room

Find out how many people the room holds. Discuss different scenarios with the company from which you will be renting the space. The room will accommodate a different maximum number of participants for a yoga workshop than for an award ceremony.

In addition to your guests, take into account the other participants in your event. You may be hiring servers, performers and technicians. Do you need space for a registration table? A larger room can usually be blocked off to create a more intimate environment, but a smaller area can’t be enlarged if the crowd is too big.

Room Layout

Consider the layout within the space as well as the location of the room in relation to the other meeting rooms in the building. If you’ll be delivering a loud presentation with booming music, will you interfere with the meeting next door? Perhaps even more importantly, if there is a noisy gathering across the hall, will it hamper your quieter, more formal function?

Options For Lighting And Sound Equipment

Think about the electronic equipment that you’ll need for your meeting. If you need a projector, make sure that there is room to incorporate it into the seating arrangements so that everyone can see the screen. Check out the location of the stage and the traffic pattern so that guests won’t have to cross over wires. If the room is challenging to find within the building, you might want to rent video monitors or a jumbotron to guide participants to the right place.

Many different factors must work together to ensure that you have a productive event. Create a sound foundation by selecting the right space.


AVProductionAt Tolar AVL we have the audiovisual equipment you need for the ultimate benefit or fundraiser. Here are some of the services we can offer your organization.



For very large events where you want to make a big impact, we have Jumbotrons. Our skilled techs can set up and display any images or videos you want your guests to see.

Karaoke Equipment

If you are planning an event where you want to have a variety of activities, then consider karaoke to get the party going. We have a full range of karaoke equipment. You can even have multiple sets so children can have their own karaoke competition!


Sometimes it may be desirable to have a video of your event to review for future fundraisers or send out to potential donors to show more about your cause. We can create a professionally edited video that you will love.


When you want to add contrast or emphasis, lighting is the answer. No matter what type of atmosphere you want to convey for your event, there is lighting that can achieve it. Tolar would be happy to consult with you to make sure that the lighting production is done exactly how you want it.

Full Sound Systems

It is critical that everyone be able to hear the music, speeches, and other sounds at an event. A professional sound system will ensure that no one is left out of the action.  From large concert fundraisers to ballrooms, Tolar has the equipment you need to have a stunning fundraiser and achieve your goals. Good sound production will make your event more memorable.

Setting Goals

All fundraisers have specific goals. At Tolar AVL we want to hear about your goals and help make them happen. Contact us today to get started planning your successful fundraiser.

How to Make Sure You Have Professional Sound and Audio Heard At Your Event

speaker coneChances are you have heard the blood-curdling or gut wrenching screech that takes place when the microphone is not connected the right way to a speaker, or if it is connected to the wrong speaker. This horrible sound, as well as a number of other audio malfunctions, has the ability to completely ruin an otherwise perfect event.

Avoiding these errors requires some diligence and a quality professional sound and audio team. This is the only way to ensure these issues do not arise.

Consider Potential Sound Restrictions

Prior to your team making any type of decision regarding the audio technology in place, be sure to consider the surroundings at the venue. Location will play a huge part in the way that sound is received and transmitted. Some things that need to be looked at when evaluating the venue include:

  • Height of the ceiling: High ceilings amplify sound; however, this is not always desirable for the event. Be sure to take note of what needs to be done to minimize the potential of unwanted echoes.
  • Texture of the walls: Sound can travel quickly through solids. If the venue has marble or glass walls, then standard systems should be sufficient; however, for outdoor events, consider a system that is strong enough to travel over wide and open spaces.

Sound Type Needed

Once you have taken the location of the event into consideration, it is important to think about the event’s purpose. Different speakers will work for different types of events. For example, rock concerts and press releases will not require the same type of speaker. Be sure that you determine the type and location of speakers carefully to achieve the sound that is wanted. In some cases, utilizing the services of a technology management team can be beneficial.

Distribution of Sound

The bottom line is that you need to be able to evenly distribute the sound around the room. You don’t what it to be too loud in one section, while the people in another are straining to hear what is going on. Take steps to spread the sound out, especially if the venue is larger and going to be crowded with people. In some cases, it may be a good idea to use stacked speakers to provide better coverage for the space.

Taking the time to consider these factors will help you achieve quality sound for your event.

Great Uses for a Jumbotron LED Screen

jumbotron sacramentoPeople everywhere are realizing the amazing benefits of utilizing the “Jumbotron” for video production. These video screens are being used more and more by event hosting companies and production companies that need to put on a great show. They are being made even more famous by people like Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, whose giant Jumbotron at Cowboys Stadium in Texas is one of the biggest video screens in the world.

These giant video production screens serve many purposes. They are used at churches, at concert venues, and at shows all across the country and for many different reasons.

Benefits of a Jumbotron

Enable Everyone to See

Those in the nose-bleed section at a production would not be able to see if it weren’t for the Jumbotron. The investment in these video screens enables all concert goers to have an up-close experience when watching the screen and hearing the sounds. At concerts, everyone is able to see up close as the camera pans across each musician, from the fingering of the guitarist to the rhythm of the drummer’s beat. Even churches are utilizing large video screens to enhance their audio/visual experience on Sunday mornings.

Instant Replay

Sporting events are realizing that a Jumbotron enables everyone to have a great experience with watching the screen, and it also enables everyone to witness the replays first hand. This is just one more benefits of the Jumbotron. They make attending a sporting event that much more fun, and events in California are made better by these wonderful screens.

Projectors vs. Jumbotrons

For years, projectors were the favorite of party planners and event officials who needed a way to put something up on a video screen. While projectors have their uses and are good for certain things, one benefit of the Jumbotron over the projector is that they do not need an unobstructed field of sight to be able to display the image on the screen.

For professional production services in Northern California, look no further than Tolar AVL. They are the premiere production and audio/video service in Redding, Chico, San Francisco and Sacramento. Give them a call today at 530-342-8860!

What Makes a Show so Amazing?

audio visual production company californiaGreat music is one of the best parts of life for many people. Most people remember the first concert they ever went to. “What kind of music do you listen to?” is a question many people ask when trying to get to know someone, and concert shows and venues make a great date when trying to impress someone. So what makes attending a concert or show so amazing? This really is a question worth asking.

Especially in California, concerts, shows, and productions are some of the most exciting events that there are out there. Many of the best bands in the world even started here. Production and lighting companies of California have been a big part of many of the most successful bands in history.

3 Reasons Productions Are Amazing

See the Best Musicians

The professional sound quality provided by the best production companies makes seeing your favorite musician one of the reasons that concert venues are so exciting. Everyone loves a good concert and many people are getting excited about the way that professional audio productions make their favorite musician sound. Sure, listening at home through headphones is a great way to listen to music. But nothing beats going and seeing someone in person.

Great Production Companies

One of the biggest reasons that events are so much fun to attend is the great production companies that put them on. The audio, video, and lighting work that goes into putting on a great production is the hard process of behind-the-scenes effort that goes into a production. This same kind of work is put into any event that requires lighting and audio, such as a state fair or a wedding. Many people don’t realize that it’s the professional production companies that have been putting on the events that they’ve been enjoying their whole lives.

A Great Way to Get Out

One of the best things to do in California is get out and see a production put on. Whether at a wedding, a concert, or a party, professional events and concerts are a great way to spend time with friends. There’s a reason that the Super Bowl has a half time show and that hundreds of thousands of people flock to concerts every year.

For professional audio, video, and lighting services in Northern California, Tolar AVL is the way to go. Their commitment to excellence and to putting on a great production has made them a favorite of event planners in the areas of Redding, Chico, and San Francisco. To book them for an event today, give them a call at 530-342-8860!

What Makes a Great Production Company?

Here in California, great concerts and shows are a part of life. There is so much to see, and so much to do here that one might think Californians are a little spoiled when it comes to great entertainment. They say competition breeds success, and having so many great concert venues throughout the year makes them have to strive even harder for greatness.

If anyone has ever been to an event such as a concert they are aware of what goes into the show to make it so special. There is great sound quality because of the quality of speakers and amps that are in use, there is a terrific lighting production, and the overall audio/visual effects are amazing. These are qualities of any great show, and those put on here in Northern California need to remain aware of what to look for in a quality stage production company when they are hosting an event.

Professional Audio Quality

For musical events such as concerts, of which there are many in Northern California, it is critical that the sound quality is phenomenal. No one wants to go to a concert that has worse sound quality than their headphones. The chance to see a favorite band is a moment to be cherished and looked forward to, and one of the most important things that makes a great production service is one that provides superb sound quality and professional audio services so that the band or whoever is playing sounds their best.

Stage Lighting Services

The lights are one of the more overlooked aspects of a concert venue. Professional stage lighting companies excel at making the lights of a stage match up with the music of a musician. That is really a big part of what makes going to a concert so special. It’s more than just the sound –it’s the entire experience. Having quality lighting and visual effects is a big part of what makes a production so spectacular.

Large Video Screens

Here in Northern California, especially in cities such as San Francisco and even Redding, there are usually a lot of people in attendance at any show worth going to (unless it is very low-key). That means that the production will usually need to feature video screens, so that concert goers that are in the back of the venue are able to see what’s going on just as well as those who are up front, thanks to the Jumbotron or video screens. These help a show come together and give it a professional atmosphere, because they are the norm these days and people in attendance at large concerts expect to be able to see no matter where their tickets have them sitting.

There are many factors that go into a great production company, but one that is able to exhibit these three qualities is a great place to start for someone hosting an event that needs a great production service. In Northern California, Tolar AVL is a premier audio/video/lighting and production company. They specialize in concerts, graduation events, and even weddings, and are able to make an event come together because of their expertise and commitment to the customer. Call them today at 530-432-8860!

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