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Choosing the Best Production Company

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Choosing the Best Production Company

best production company

Sound Production in Northern California is one of the most exciting places to see a show or put one on display. San Francisco is still one of the most booming cities in the country, and the arts and music scene there is just one of the great aspects of being a Californian. The best part is that San Francisco isn’t the only great community here, either. Sacramento is a great place to put on an event, and beautiful Redding is growing as well.

Choosing an audio/video and lighting production company for a wedding, party, or concert in these communities can be tricky. There are many to choose from, especially here in Northern California, and each one may specialize in certain events and have certain strengths. There are three big tools that can be utilized by someone in search of the proper event company.

How to Choose the Correct Production Company


One of the best ways to go about choosing a great audio/video and lighting production company is by referrals from friends or family. If someone has had a wedding or put on a show recently it is helpful to ask them what their experience was like. Many customers get referred to an event service in this exact way. Word of mouth referrals are great for businesses and customers alike, because since they have worked with mutual relationships in the past, there is a trust factor that helps the event service and the customer get things rolling quicker.


Reading through testimonials is another one of the best ways to choose a company that specializes in video services and sound services. Everything that goes into putting on an event makes it a complicated process to rate, and seeing how pleased the previous customers of a company have been, by looking on sits such as Yelp, for instance, is one of the best ways to see if the event service and production company is as committed to quality and their customers as they claim to be.


A look at the experience and previous work of a production service is the third way to analyze if their services would be appropriate for a wedding, party, or concert event. Though production companies are similar in services that they offer, each one may have a different flavor and style to their work, and the best way to see if their strengths and what they specialize in fit a certain customer’s needs is to check out the work they have already done.

For production and lighting services all over Northern California, check out Tolar AVL! They are committed to putting on amazing productions and meeting all the needs of their customer. To get in contact with them call 530-342-8860!

Theater Lighting Tips

theater lightingStage and theater lighting is absolutely essential to the overall aspect of productions, community events, and/or corporate parties. Theater lighting is essential to a production. Without lighting, a production can be flat, monotonous, and lose its entire purpose. It strings an entire piece together because it gives the audience the ability to actually see what is right before their eyes!

Theater Lighting Tips

Understand Your Event

It can be particularly difficult to understand when there is a beginning or an end of a scene without stage lighting, when characters, actors, or participants are supposed to make an entrance, and who is even present because people are not even properly visible without lighting — let alone the right type of lighting! Lighting is more than just lights hitting a person’s face; theater lighting is an art because it can be on, fall on, follow, and focus on a person’s face to enhance and thus highlight their facial features. You just can’t have a theatrical stage without proper lighting!

Have Color Set the Tone

Theater is an art, so in a theater and lighting production, use the color of light to set the mood and tone of what is happening on stage. This is where you can get a bit creative and begin to use filters. If a dramatic and sad scene is occurring, try setting the colors to a dim and cool tone or throwing a blue tint on. On the other hand, brighter colors like reds, oranges, and yellow can promote a more positive feel, although red can also be more angry and passionate depending on what scenery and music accompanies it. As humans, we tend to put specific colors with certain moods and feelings. Humans even have a tendency to predict what may happen when they see specific colors beforehand.

Mixed Patterns and Movement

You can use light to have patterns and movement throughout the stage when needed or if the scene or event calls for it. A perfect example would if you were having the stage play, “Peter Pan,” and needed to move the character of Tinkerbell around and decided to move a beam of light around the stage to act as a fairy. Other stage productions will use light in creative ways by having it come up on the stage as a pattern with sound effect to appear like a storm, tornado, trees, or starry night sky.

There’s certainly a world to educate yourself on when it comes to lighting, but these are some brief basic theater lighting tips that can point you in the right direction for an excellent video and stage production.

Are you having an upcoming special event and in need of a professional team to capture your event on film? Look no further and contact Tolar AVL today!

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