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Professional Audio Equipment Breakdown: RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer

audience enjoying professional audio

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audience enjoying professional audio

Professional Audio Equipment Breakdown: RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer

audience enjoying professional audioNorth State Audio Visual carries one of the premium Subwoofers in the market. The 4-PRO8001 is a reliable subwoofer for heavy-duty sounds and strong bass rhythm. It is one of the premium speakers for concerts and other live events. It mixes an 800 W monolithic amplifier with an 18 inch subwoofer. Not only that, but it also adds to the system headroom as well. When you need a strong output for your bass, then go for this beauty of a loudspeaker. The professional audio will be sure to blow the audience away.



The 4-PRO8001 has an effective processor with varying capabilities for professional audio production. It has a 40Hz-Xover point crossover frequency, along with a fast limiter. Its high-pass output goes from 80 to 100 to 120Hz. The input area carries a Stereo c. Jack/XLR input connector, as well as 0 dBu input sensitivity.

It has a maximum SPL of 133 dB, with its frequency response at 40-Xover point. Its low frequencies are at H/6800 Watt. The amplifier also includes forced cooling, as well as a 4″ voice coil. It has a durable cabinet made out of Baltic Birch, coated with a durable black epoxy. The cabinet also has 2xM10 for kart hardware. The Subwoofer’s physical dimensions are as follows: a height of 700mm, width of 520mm, and a depth of 700mm. Altogether it weighs at around 54Kg. Its controls include a volume, phase, and high pass output device.


Wide Application:

Good subwoofers add the needed power to a presentation. Whether it is for concerts, corporate projects, or live parties, the RCF 4-PRO8001 subwoofer contains the proper specifications for any professional audio production. One of the most versatile speakers, it even works better with a second one for surrounding amperage. Our website’s Sound System #5 showcases 2 of the 4-PRO8001s surrounding the stage, as well as 15” Yamaha DXR15 main speakers, and 6 Yamaha DXR12 floor monitors. But that is only one of the many possibilities with this versatile speaker. 

See here for the full product description of Sound System #5.

See here for pricing information.

Why Having Video Production at Your Wedding is a Great Idea

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life so why not give it the attention and remembrance it deserves by having video production at your wedding? Here are some of the many other reasons you need a good wedding video.

Share The Memories
As nice as it would be for everyone that you want to be there to be able to make it to your wedding if you are like many people, this is just not possible. Elderly relatives that cannot travel or friends that simply cannot get away can be given a copy of the video and not feel as left out of your big day.

Captures The Entirety of your Wedding
Your wedding day is a busy time. If you have a large wedding, it can be hard to talk and spend time with everyone. A video production team can video your guests and capture their messages to you and your future spouse. This can be a fun thing to view after the wedding and help everyone get a chance to express themselves.

A Professional Goes The Extra Mile
The type of equipment used to create a great audiovisual production is a lot different than your consumer-grade digital camera. Stage lighting and lighting rentals can all be achieved by simply hiring a professional firm like Tolar. We can even supply Jumbotron rentals for large events and gatherings.

Let’s face it; a wedding is a gathering of all types of people. There may be moments that don’t need to be on a video. Tolar has years of editing experience to make sure your video is polished and contains the most important moments of your wedding day. We can work with you to create the video you want.

Displaying Images And Videos At Your Event
Perhaps you want to show guests specific videos and photos to celebrate your union? Tolar can set up high-quality visual displays to meet your every desire. We have Jumbotrons and screens that are as large as 9 x 12 feet! Our large selection of equipment means when you hire us you are getting a true group of professionals that have everything needed to create the audiovisual presentation and video that you want for your special day.

3 Benefits of Renting Audio-Visual Equipment

audio visual equipment rental

When it comes to hosting an event, many people worry about making sure they have the right equipment to make it happen. Sometimes people will use what they have, or create makeshift parts as a substitute for pieces that they don’t have. This is where the big question comes in: Should I buy or rent audio-visual equipment?

From our experience, renting proves to be far more beneficial to an average consumer or event coordinator. Renting audio-visual equipment opens you to a world of options. You should never be limited to the equipment you use to make your event come alive which is why renting proves to be more reliable.

1) Save Some Money!

In terms of spending, purchasing lighting, audio and visual equipment can come at a high cost. This is why renting proves to be the best decision when it comes down to acquiring equipment. Rental equipment allows you to use high-end gear of all sizes for a limited-time low cost. Essentially, you get to use the industry’s best equipment while spending a fraction of the price of their original costs. We see this as one of the more critical factors due to the fact that it enables you to spend money on other areas of the event.

2) Transportation

Having the proper equipment is just the first step in hosting a successful event. What comes next is making sure your equipment arrives at your destination on time and in one-piece. Transporting your equipment should be marked high on your priority list. Late arriving or damaged equipment can result in a delay or even cancelation of the event. Rental equipment typically comes with the proper transportation equipment and is always ready for pick-up; crossing off 2 worries that may come up during the setup of your event.

3) No Maintenance, No Problem

One of the golden perks of renting equipment is being worry-free in terms of the maintenance of the equipment. Maintenance of expensive equipment pieces can run you up a couple hundred or even thousands of dollars in additional fees. When renting, the lending company handles all the maintenance of their equipment which ensures top-notch quality. Overall, renting equipment simply eliminates any inconveniences that may come your way when hosting an event.

For professional production services in Northern California, look no further than Tolar AVL. We are the premiere production and audio/video service in Redding, Chico, San Francisco and Sacramento. Give us a call today at 530-342-8860!

The Importance of Stage Lighting

lighting production californiaAny audio-visual production or sound production should have good lighting production as part of the game plan. Here are the advantages of great stage lighting during a production.

Offers Emphasis Where You Want It

Perhaps you want to highlight an architectural feature or a piece of art work? Lighting can draw the eye of your audience exactly where you want it.  Lighting can direct your audience, so they see things the way you intend them to.

Setting The Mood

The type of lighting in a space sets the mood for everyone exposed to it. For example, a high energy dance scene may make use of a multitude of bright or flashing lights on the walls and ceiling of a venue, but a subtler spotlight might be used for the main performer in order to emphasize their role in the production.

Colored Lights For Emotions

Different colors of light can be used to enhance emotional aspects of performance. Blue could mean sadness while a haze of green can signify jealousy. Shadows and drama can be created for tense moments.

Portray Elements

Lighting can help a stage production seem like it is raining, storming, or other effects. The illusions created by a good lighting production can add a lot to the believability of a production. A flashing light can make it seem like you are in the middle of a hurricane or thunderstorm.

Using the Dark To Your Advantage

Contrast is important when it comes to lighting on a stage. Darkening areas of the stage and spotlighting others adds emphasis to key areas at precise times during the production.

Enhances Music And Sound

Lighting can be synchronized or designed to enhance the sound experience. This is used by professional musicians all the time.  This combined effect makes for a captivated audience that will be sure to tell their friends and family about the amazing stage production they experienced.

Choosing A Pro

Experience is important when it comes to great lighting production. Having the right equipment is also essential to the job. When you hire Tolar AVL, you will get the most skilled lighting production team available in northern California. We also offer complete packages that include DJs and licensed music. A production company can take your project or event and turn it into something that is stress-free and fun for you. No matter what size of stage production you have in mind, we can help.

How Loud Is Too Loud?

We have all enjoyed concerts and shows and other events where the music was awesome. The professional sound and atmosphere of a great music show is unforgettable, and many music and concert lovers are undoubtedly able to enjoy the sound at these kind of events, but there is potentially a risk involved if the sound is too loud and patrons are exposed to high level volumes for too long of a period of time.  This is primarily a concern for music lovers who attend regularly and certainly for folks like us who work in the entertainment industry on a daily or weekly basis.

Hearing Loss from Loud Music

Usually, hearing loss occurs over time due to years of subtle pressure but lasting effects can be felt even from one incident. I personally had severe hearing loss for about 2 days in my left ear (high frequencies) from shooting guns without hearing protection several years ago at a range. The same principle can apply to music events and other atmospheres or environments where the sound is loud enough to damage the tiny hairs of our inner ears. This is just an example of why it is important to be mindful of the loudness of the environments we place ourselves, and the importance of the question, “How loud is too loud?

Understanding Decibels

It’s interesting to consider that even the U.S. Military has a department entirely dedicated to hearing loss and protection, and making sure our country’s soldiers are protected from hearing damage! No wonder considering that a gunshot is between 140 and 160 decibels (dB), which explains the effects of my one unprotected day of shooting.  I learned in college that threshold of pain is 118 dB, this is where real and prolonged damage begins to occur.  Most rock concerts run at 110 dB minimum and almost every major band we work with contractually obligates the promoter who hired them to provide a sound system capable of producing 120dB at mix position, which is as much as 100 feet from the stage.  Since sound dissipates, in a modern line array sound system, at 3dB every doubling in distance from the speakers, a concert where the sound engineer is mixing the show at a comfortable, but intense, 110dB at mix position, can be much louder at the front row.  This is why we sound companies curve our line arrays at the bottom of the array and keep them flatter toward the top. It provides the volume to push to the back of the venue while keeping things under control up close to the stage.


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has determined that 85 decibels is a safe volume for listening to music for up to 8 hours.  Their guideline is that for every 5 more decibels above that threshold, cut the amount of time of safe listening in HALF!  This means that every time you see a concert at Sleep Train Amphitheater, OSHA recommends you don’t sit there for more than 15 minutes.  Sheesh.  Who is going to do that?

That is important to remember. No one wants hearing loss or to risk not being able to listen to the things you love as you get older. Your favorite song, the sound of a river running, or the birds chirping in the spring air, all of these lovely sounds can potentially be lost after enough extreme exposure to high volumes.

Here is a chart to help you determine how loud sounds are in decibels. It’s something to keep inaudio visual production company mind when listening to music or even while on an airplane. It’s important to wear proper hearing protection even when performing activities like mowing the grass. The best way is to be safe when listening to music. Don’t listen to your earbuds too loud (or for too long), and wear hearing protection when doing activities like shooting firearms or going to an airshow.

As an audio visual production company, Tolar AVL wants you to be able to enjoy your hearing for the rest of your life. As such we direct our techs that we want the show to be as quiet as possible as long as each and every person can hear each and every word that is spoken or sung.

If you have a production that is going to require professional audio, video services, or event lighting anywhere in California or the surrounding states, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us –we’d be thrilled to help you however we can! You can call us today at 530-342-8860.

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