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Should You Rent Or Buy Audio-Visual Equipment?

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Should You Rent Or Buy Audio-Visual Equipment?

audio-image-1We’ve talked about how renting audio-visual equipment can benefit you by saving you money, preventing transportation hassles and helping you avoid maintenance costs. If you still can’t decide whether you should rent or buy, there are a few other factors to consider. Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether you should rent or purchase audio visual production equipment.

  1. Am I new to the business?

If you’re just starting up, you’re probably managing a tight cash flow. Investing in expensive equipment before you have many clients can leave you with a deficit. Why not spend the money on marketing that can get you high-paying clients? Rent the gear on an as-needed basis until you have the steady stream of income that can support the purchase of your own gear.

  1. Am I sure what equipment I need?

Trying out a variety of equipment can help you decide what to get when it’s time to purchase inventory. Instead of buying a bunch of equipment that may or may not work for your projects, test out the products by renting them. You’ll get more experience with different items at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Do I work from home?

If you don’t have a studio, finding a place in which to store your equipment at home can be cumbersome. Renting the items that you need for a particular project can help you save space.

  1. Am I having trouble setting my rates?

When you’re coming up with a fee schedule, you might need to increase your rates to cover significant up-front business expenses like the purchase of equipment. On the contrary, you can work the lower rental fee into a specific job. It’s easier to work the rate into your accounting when you’re just renting what you need for the project instead of purchasing a large quantity of tools based on the expectation of future business.

The decision to rent audio visual or lighting production equipment doesn’t necessarily come down to money. There are several things to consider when you’re making a business decision like this one. Convenience, variety, learning opportunities and space are major factors that play into the decision.


How To Choose the Right Space For Your Event

image-1Whether you’re hosting a professional retreat or managing a corporate training in Sacramento, Chico, Redding or Roseville, the room that you choose will affect the flow and success of the event. When you’re selecting a space for your gathering, consider the size of the room, the layout and the options for incorporating audio visual production equipment.


Size Of The Room

Find out how many people the room holds. Discuss different scenarios with the company from which you will be renting the space. The room will accommodate a different maximum number of participants for a yoga workshop than for an award ceremony.

In addition to your guests, take into account the other participants in your event. You may be hiring servers, performers and technicians. Do you need space for a registration table? A larger room can usually be blocked off to create a more intimate environment, but a smaller area can’t be enlarged if the crowd is too big.

Room Layout

Consider the layout within the space as well as the location of the room in relation to the other meeting rooms in the building. If you’ll be delivering a loud presentation with booming music, will you interfere with the meeting next door? Perhaps even more importantly, if there is a noisy gathering across the hall, will it hamper your quieter, more formal function?

Options For Lighting And Sound Equipment

Think about the electronic equipment that you’ll need for your meeting. If you need a projector, make sure that there is room to incorporate it into the seating arrangements so that everyone can see the screen. Check out the location of the stage and the traffic pattern so that guests won’t have to cross over wires. If the room is challenging to find within the building, you might want to rent video monitors or a jumbotron to guide participants to the right place.

Many different factors must work together to ensure that you have a productive event. Create a sound foundation by selecting the right space.


AVProductionAt Tolar AVL we have the audiovisual equipment you need for the ultimate benefit or fundraiser. Here are some of the services we can offer your organization.



For very large events where you want to make a big impact, we have Jumbotrons. Our skilled techs can set up and display any images or videos you want your guests to see.

Karaoke Equipment

If you are planning an event where you want to have a variety of activities, then consider karaoke to get the party going. We have a full range of karaoke equipment. You can even have multiple sets so children can have their own karaoke competition!


Sometimes it may be desirable to have a video of your event to review for future fundraisers or send out to potential donors to show more about your cause. We can create a professionally edited video that you will love.


When you want to add contrast or emphasis, lighting is the answer. No matter what type of atmosphere you want to convey for your event, there is lighting that can achieve it. Tolar would be happy to consult with you to make sure that the lighting production is done exactly how you want it.

Full Sound Systems

It is critical that everyone be able to hear the music, speeches, and other sounds at an event. A professional sound system will ensure that no one is left out of the action.  From large concert fundraisers to ballrooms, Tolar has the equipment you need to have a stunning fundraiser and achieve your goals. Good sound production will make your event more memorable.

Setting Goals

All fundraisers have specific goals. At Tolar AVL we want to hear about your goals and help make them happen. Contact us today to get started planning your successful fundraiser.

Choosing the Best Production Company

best production company

Sound Production in Northern California is one of the most exciting places to see a show or put one on display. San Francisco is still one of the most booming cities in the country, and the arts and music scene there is just one of the great aspects of being a Californian. The best part is that San Francisco isn’t the only great community here, either. Sacramento is a great place to put on an event, and beautiful Redding is growing as well.

Choosing an audio/video and lighting production company for a wedding, party, or concert in these communities can be tricky. There are many to choose from, especially here in Northern California, and each one may specialize in certain events and have certain strengths. There are three big tools that can be utilized by someone in search of the proper event company.

How to Choose the Correct Production Company


One of the best ways to go about choosing a great audio/video and lighting production company is by referrals from friends or family. If someone has had a wedding or put on a show recently it is helpful to ask them what their experience was like. Many customers get referred to an event service in this exact way. Word of mouth referrals are great for businesses and customers alike, because since they have worked with mutual relationships in the past, there is a trust factor that helps the event service and the customer get things rolling quicker.


Reading through testimonials is another one of the best ways to choose a company that specializes in video services and sound services. Everything that goes into putting on an event makes it a complicated process to rate, and seeing how pleased the previous customers of a company have been, by looking on sits such as Yelp, for instance, is one of the best ways to see if the event service and production company is as committed to quality and their customers as they claim to be.


A look at the experience and previous work of a production service is the third way to analyze if their services would be appropriate for a wedding, party, or concert event. Though production companies are similar in services that they offer, each one may have a different flavor and style to their work, and the best way to see if their strengths and what they specialize in fit a certain customer’s needs is to check out the work they have already done.

For production and lighting services all over Northern California, check out Tolar AVL! They are committed to putting on amazing productions and meeting all the needs of their customer. To get in contact with them call 530-342-8860!

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