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lighting production california

Your One Stop Shop For Party Technology

audio visual companyPlanning an event is no easy task.  Between deciding the food, guests, entertainment, and decor, it can feel like you have no decision making power left when it’s all done.  On top of that, if you want to have any sort of lighting, video presentation, or even music, you need to contact completely different vendors…for all of them.  However, at Tolar AVL, we can provide you with all of the tech for your event.  Unlike competition, we don’t just specialize in audio-visual production or lighting, we specialize in all things tech. 

Event Lighting

Lighting can not only give a great look to your event, it can accomplish so much that you may be able to downsize your decor.  Whereas a table linen can only cover so much, the right lighting can span an entire room.  We don’t only do general event lighting, but stage lighting as well.  Many indoor stages are already outfitted with a lighting system, but our services are perfect for lighting at outdoor events like open-air plays and concerts, or your beautiful outdoor wedding.

Video Services

Tolar AVL can provide the visual equipment that you need for you event.  We have movie screens and projectors ranging in size up to 9‘x12’, perfect for your event indoors or out.  These are great for presentations, slideshows (that one might see at a graduation or birthday party), films, and more.  We even have Jumbotron rental available.

Audio Services

Any audio services that you could need to go along with our video services we’ve got.  We have the audio equipment to broadcast your movie or presentation as loud as you need.    Whether you’re planning a small private event or a community wide festival, we can set you up with the audio visual system that fits your needs.

On top of lighting and AV, Tolar AVL also has pipe and drape rental.  This essential part of AV is what allows for a “behind the scenes” at your event.  Pipe and drapes hide all of the ugly technological wiring that is crucial to the success of your event.  At Tolar AVL, we can be your one stop shop for party tech, so call today to let us know what you need!

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Using Tolar AVL For Your College Programming

sound production californiaCollege campuses offer a wide variety of activities for students and members of the surrounding community alike.  From concerts, to music festivals, to movie showings, and more, Tolar AVL can provide the sound, lighting, or video equipment for any type of college event you may be throwing.  If you’re a member of your school’s programming board, consider using Tolar AVL for your next event.

Music Festivals

Though many colleges have the proper equipment for running small, coffee shop-like concerts, few have the equipment on deck to run a full scale music festival.  A popular annual event for colleges large and small alike, a music festival draws in the community and provides a fun, safe space for people of all ages.  Putting on a great show that has interesting technical effects and runs smoothly is what will keep people coming back again and again.  Tolar AVL can provide you with the newest, most state-of-the-art audio equipment for your college’s music festival, and provide you with the lighting for a great show as well.

Outdoor Movies

If you have the good fortune of living in beautiful Northern California, you’re going to want to take advantage of that weather as much as possible.  Outdoor movies are a fun, easy way to bring the community together.  At Tolar AVL, we have screens that go up to 9×12 feet in size and projectors that run as bright as 10,000 lumens.  The expert video production along with the expert audio will facilitate a movie watching tradition that your fellow students would be sad to see go.  Most college campuses offer some sort of weekly/bi-weekly movie event, so why not add something different and make it outside?  For only a bit of extra money, you can put on a professional movie showing on your quad.

Field Day

A little less common on college campuses, Field Day is typically associated with elementary schools.  It’s a day in which classes are cancelled and kids get to just get out and play, competing in a series of easy to understand, fast-paced games.  These games include egg toss, water balloon fights, kickball, and anything else you can think of.  The hardest part of college programming is getting people to come to your events, as everyone is so busy with school, work, friends, and more, so having killer audio equipment to blast music and show people that something fun is going on can be a great tool in boosting attendance.

For all lighting, video, and audio production needs in Northern California, call Tolar AVL today!

What Makes a Great Production Company?

Here in California, great concerts and shows are a part of life. There is so much to see, and so much to do here that one might think Californians are a little spoiled when it comes to great entertainment. They say competition breeds success, and having so many great concert venues throughout the year makes them have to strive even harder for greatness.

If anyone has ever been to an event such as a concert they are aware of what goes into the show to make it so special. There is great sound quality because of the quality of speakers and amps that are in use, there is a terrific lighting production, and the overall audio/visual effects are amazing. These are qualities of any great show, and those put on here in Northern California need to remain aware of what to look for in a quality stage production company when they are hosting an event.

Professional Audio Quality

For musical events such as concerts, of which there are many in Northern California, it is critical that the sound quality is phenomenal. No one wants to go to a concert that has worse sound quality than their headphones. The chance to see a favorite band is a moment to be cherished and looked forward to, and one of the most important things that makes a great production service is one that provides superb sound quality and professional audio services so that the band or whoever is playing sounds their best.

Stage Lighting Services

The lights are one of the more overlooked aspects of a concert venue. Professional stage lighting companies excel at making the lights of a stage match up with the music of a musician. That is really a big part of what makes going to a concert so special. It’s more than just the sound –it’s the entire experience. Having quality lighting and visual effects is a big part of what makes a production so spectacular.

Large Video Screens

Here in Northern California, especially in cities such as San Francisco and even Redding, there are usually a lot of people in attendance at any show worth going to (unless it is very low-key). That means that the production will usually need to feature video screens, so that concert goers that are in the back of the venue are able to see what’s going on just as well as those who are up front, thanks to the Jumbotron or video screens. These help a show come together and give it a professional atmosphere, because they are the norm these days and people in attendance at large concerts expect to be able to see no matter where their tickets have them sitting.

There are many factors that go into a great production company, but one that is able to exhibit these three qualities is a great place to start for someone hosting an event that needs a great production service. In Northern California, Tolar AVL is a premier audio/video/lighting and production company. They specialize in concerts, graduation events, and even weddings, and are able to make an event come together because of their expertise and commitment to the customer. Call them today at 530-432-8860!

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